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Accurate modelling of phosphorene

A research team was led by Dr. Salvador Barraza-Lopez identified a way to more accurately model two-dimensional atomistic structures such as phosphorene (an atom thick layer of phosphorus).  This allows to link the effect of shape of the material to its properties.

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 08-May-15 14:52

2014 Summer Engineering Camp tour

Jeff Pummill leads a group high school students taking part in the 2014 Summer Engineering Camp through the Arkansas High Performance Computing data center.

2014 Summer Engineering Camp tour

 31-Jul-14 13:42

Materials Society Award for Coleman

The Materials Research Society awarded a Silver Graduate Student award to AHPCC user Shawn Coleman, who just completed his Ph.D.  See the Newswire article.

 10-Jul-14 15:43

Genomic Sequencing of Diatoms

Under a $440,000 NFS grant, Dr. Andrew Alverson and his research team plan to sequence complete genomes for 5 species of diatoms. The research aims to explain how genetic material can be transferred between separate species of the same organism. Large memory nodes available at the AHPCC will be essential in performing the assembly of the genomic sequences.

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 07-May-14 12:54

New insight into the characteristics of Graphene

Prof. Salvador Barraza-Lopez co-authors a new mathematical framework which allows for very accurate prediction of properties of Ghraphene. His work has been published in ACS nano and Physical Review B. Prof. Barraza-Lopez's research group relies heavily on the AHPCC computing resources. Over the past year Prof. Barraza-Lopez ran 1344 jobs, using 97,661 CPU hours on the AHPCC clusters.

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 05-May-14 10:06

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