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Materials Society Award for Coleman

The Materials Research Society awarded a Silver Graduate Student award to AHPCC user Shawn Coleman, who just completed his Ph.D.  See the Newswire article.

 10-Jul-14 15:43

Genomic Sequencing of Diatoms

Under a $440,000 NFS grant, Dr. Andrew Alverson and his research team plan to sequence complete genomes for 5 species of diatoms. The research aims to explain how genetic material can be transferred between separate species of the same organism. Large memory nodes available at the AHPCC will be essential in performing the assembly of the genomic sequences.

Read the full Newswire article.

 07-May-14 12:54

New insight into the characteristics of Graphene

Prof. Salvador Barraza-Lopez co-authors a new mathematical framework which allows for very accurate prediction of properties of Ghraphene. His work has been published in ACS nano and Physical Review B. Prof. Barraza-Lopez's research group relies heavily on the AHPCC computing resources. Over the past year Prof. Barraza-Lopez ran 1344 jobs, using 97,661 CPU hours on the AHPCC clusters.

Read the full Newswire article.

 05-May-14 10:06

Workshop: Using the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center's HPC resources

The AHPCC New User Workshop on November 6th was extremely well attended showing us that there is a real need for more events of this type. A total of 23 new users from various domains and multiple institutions showed up to get a leg up on using the HPC resources. The slides from the workshop are available here.

New User Workshop 2013

We really appreciate the support and dedication of our users and look forward to new and improved offerings in the way of training and education in 2014.

 06-Nov-13 15:31

Chemistry HPC Users Publish in PNAS

In July 2013, Yaping Li, Jicun Li, and Feng Wang of UA Chemistry and Biochemistry published their research "Liquid–liquid transition in supercooled water suggested by microsecond simulations" in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Calculations supporting the research used the molecular dynamics package Gromacs on the Razor cluster.   To learn more, read the Newswire article.

Two Student HPC Users Win Awards

Tobias Bothwell has been named a 2013 Goldwater Scholar, a national award given to top students in the fields of mathematics, science and engineering. Raymond Walter has won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for the upcoming academic year.

Bothwell, a junior double majoring in physics and mathematics, will receive a scholarship of up to $7,500 from the Barry Goldwater Scholarship Foundation. His research mentor is physics professor Salvador Barraza-Lopez, and his focus is quantum theory. For more information about the Goldwater, read the Newswire article.

Walter, majoring in physics, mathematics and economics, will receive a $30,000 fellowship, renewable for up to three years. The graduate fellowship program is one of the National Science Foundation’s oldest and most highly competitive, with roots in the foundation’s original 1950 charter and offering support for graduate study in all scientific disciplines. To learn more, read the Newswire article.

 09-Apr-13 11:06

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