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University of Arkansas researchers use the AHPCC core research facility to enable computationally intensive research across many disciplines. Below are examples of many research areas which AHPCC staff and equipment provide support for. While not inclusive, the examples displayed represent institutional areas which frequently utilize large portions of AHPCC resources to advance the mission of research to provide significant discovery, insight, and understanding.

Physics data image

Physics researchers are among the top users of HPC resources on campus advancing research and discovery in material technology and more.
Chemistry data image

Researchers in Chemistry use Molecular Dynamics to evaluate drug efficacy and protein structures to help better understand disease.

Learn how the Computational Applied Mathematics research group uses HPC to study turbulent mixing and fluid dynamics.

Industrial Engineers use HPC to improve computational methods for problems in transporation, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Biologists are able to reconstruct the whole genome using large memory nodes available at AHPCC.

Mechanical Engineering

Researchers in Mechanical Engineering use computational resources to simulate material behavior and blood flow in the body.
Biomedical Engineering

AHPCC is critical to training the next generation of biomedical engineers in emerging biomedical informatics techniques.

The Department of Animal Sciences have used computational resources on Trestles to study the gut microbiome in animals and humans.

Electrical Engineering

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