Linux 101

Free, non-credit course now offered via BlackBoard!
A true introduction to the Linux operating system via the command line just like you will use when interacting with the HPC systems. Overview of the commands a typical HPC user would utilize in a session, practical uses, options, etc.

  HPC 101

Follow-on to the Linux 101 class (working knowledge of command line Linux REQUIRED to take this workshop). HPC system directory structure, quotas, creating scheduler scripts, running jobs, evaluating log files, file management, etc.

Workshop Materials - Coming Soon!

Intro to de novo Assembly

Workshop will focus on steps necessary to perform a de novo genome assembly of a small organism using NGS data. It is the process of building a genome from scratch, or, without a reference genome.

Workshop Materials

*These workshops WILL NOT address running GUIs on the systems. This is a very special need/use case and is best handled by scheduling a one-on-one meeting with AHPCC Ops staff.

Workshop Requirements