Linux 101

A true introduction to the Linux operating system via the command line just like you will use when interacting with the HPC systems. Overview of the commands a typical HPC user would utilize in a session, practical uses, options, etc. *

 Sign up for session on September 26th .  (seating is limited to 20)

  HPC 101

Follow-on to the Linux 101 class (working knowledge of command line Linux REQUIRED to take this workshop). HPC system directory structure, quotas, creating scheduler scripts, running jobs, evaluating log files, file management. *


Sign up for session on September 27th. (seating is limited to 20)

Cloud Computing 101

A hands-on introduction to Nebula - UofA's privately hosted cloud computing platform.  Session will cover creating a dedicated virtual machine instance, terminal access, VNC/desktop access and data transfer.  

Sign up for session on September 28th. (seating is limited to 12)


*These workshops WILL NOT address running GUIs on the systems. This is a very special need/use case and is best handled by scheduling a one-on-one meeting with AHPCC Ops staff.

Workshop Requirements