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Arkansas Research and Educational Optical Network


The Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network (http://areon.net) is an economic development initiative represented by a high-speed fiber based optical network wholly owned and operated by the Arkansas higher education community. ARE-ON is a collaborative environment that empowers each institution to leverage the unique and agile capabilities of high performance networking and computing for research, education, telemedicine, and emergency preparedness. ARE-ON has a path-redundant 20Gbps network that connects all of the institutions of higher education in the state and many school districts, two- and four-year colleges. ARE-ON provides connectivity to Internet2 100 Gbps ports through Kansas City, KS and Dallas, TX. ARE-ON, UofA ITS, and AHPCC are in the process of installing a 100 Gbps connection from Internet2 at Tulsa to the UofA and AHPCC, funded by an NSF CC*IEE grant.

The Great Plains Network


The University of Arkansas connects to Internet2 through the Great Plains Network. In addition to serving as a regional GigaPoP for Internet2, GPN offers a regional cyberinfrastructure interoperability capability and Virtual Organization support environment based on Shibboleth through which computational services and storage resources are made available to GPN member institutions.

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)


Using high-performance network connections, XSEDE integrates high performance computers, dataresources and tools, and high-end experimental facilities around the country. Through the CC program, campuses will have direct access to XSEDE and input to its staff, resource allocations for the use of researchers, and assistance in using those resources. The University of Arkansas provides three Campus Champions to the campus, university system, and the state through the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center, and another regional Champion is available through the Great Plains Network.

The University of Arkansas is proud to serve as a member of the XSEDE Federation Level 3 Service Provider.