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How to Use the Clusters

AHPCC computing resources consist of two clusters: Trestles, an 8,192 core Appro cluster with a peak performance of 79 TF (Trillion Floating Point Operations per Second), and Razor, a 4,328 core IBM/Dell cluster with a peak performance of 76 TF. The clusters are augmented with special purpose nodes with another 624 cores and 14 TF: seven NVidia GPU nodes and ten large memory nodes consisting of one 3072 GB Intel, three 768 GB Intel, and six 512 GB AMD nodes. Water cooling doors are installed on racks which have the highest head load.

Supported Software

Each cluster has a variety of software installed in support of users. A complete listing of software by cluster is detailed on on the Software page, and is updated each hour from the clusters to capture any newly installed packages. Instructions for using supported software are added to the HPCWiki as time permits.